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GROHE Red Duo Kitchen mixer and single-boiler 3 liters 30058000

From: £800.00
monobloc installation C-spout GROHE ChildLock handle certified safety handle with a pull and turn closure headpart 1/2″ GROHE SilkMove 35 mm ceramic

GROHE Zedra Single-lever Sink Mixer 1/2 inch 32294001

From: £235.00
GROHE Zedra Kitchen tap 32294001: high spout and pull-out comfort spray head Washing, rinsing and cleaning with effortless precision is

GROHE Eurocube Single-lever sink mixer 1/2 inch 31395000

From: £519.00
GROHE Eurocube Professional – kitchen tap including professional spray with 360° swivel range, polished finish Crafted in a clean, stylish

GROHE Blue Mono Pure Starter kit 31301001

From: £479.00
GROHE Blue Pure kitchen tap – Your source of fresh table water Tired of dragging home heavy water bottles? This

GROHE Blue Pure Starter Kit 31087001

From: £529.00
Consisting of: GROHE Blue single-lever sink mixer with filter function monobloc installation C-spout separate handle for filtered water headpart 1/2″ GROHE

Grohe Minta Touch Electronic Single-lever Sink Mixer 1/2inch 31358001

From: £499.00
Take control in your kitchen with the touch-activated GROHE Minta Touch mixer tap Revolutionise how you work in the kitchen

Grohe Essence Foot Control Electronic Single-Lever Sink Mixer 1/2inch 30311000

From: £579.00
GROHE Essence FootControl kitchen tap – sleek design and powerful performance at an amazing price! If you want total kitchen

Grohe Zedra Touch Electronic Single-Lever Sink Mixer 1/2inch 30219001

From: £629.00
Effortless touch-activated performance meets elegant styling in the GROHE Zedra Touch mixer tap Don’t let messy hands while you’re cooking

GROHE Blue K7 Pure Sink Mixer Starter Kit 31354001

From: £799.00
GROHE Blue Pure kitchen tap with water filter and side spray This kitchen tap of the GROHE Blue Pure range

Grohe K7 Single-lever sink mixer 1/2inch 32179000

From: £789.00
GROHE K7 – Stylish and functional kitchen tap with side spray Cooking will be much more than just a hobby

Grohe K7 Foot Control Electronic Single-Lever Sink Mixer 1/2inch 30312000

From: £849.00
Professional performance and sophisticated style at an amazing price – the GROHE K7 FootControl kitchen tap! The new GROHE K7

GROHE Red Mono Pillar Tap and M Size Boiler

£1,599.00 incl. vat
For the easiest source of kettle-hot water fit the new GROHE Red Mono pillar kitchen tap Giving water heated to